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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel
Corporate policy

Partnership and confidence are the basis of our business concept

The business relationships of Lufthansa City Center are characterised by fair partnerships - with co-workers, suppliers and, last but not least, our customers. Transparency is very important to us; we do not have any hidden costs. Our customers' needs are our main priority, and what we do is based on trust and reliability. We know and understand your wishes. And Lufthansa City Center Business Travel offers you comprehensive and personal service to organise your business travels around the globe. We do not only meet our customers' demand but want to create a special bond between us and our customers as well. A partnership characterised by added value. Furthermore, you benefit from the collective purchasing power of Lufthansa City Center in cooperation with selected partners. Thanks to optimum conditions, you can make optimum use of your travel budget.

Corporate network - close to customers

LCC's unique selling point is an owner-managed travel agency: We know the requirements and needs of medium-sized companies. This is due to short decision paths and a customer-friendly approach. Customers focus nowhere else to be found like this in the travel business. We know what our customers want because we are a medium-sized company with regional roots - just like you. We speak the same language and are committed to our region. This structure allows for ideal service quality from one source. We are your direct contact: before, during and after your trip.

Personal service instead of call centre

In a world with growing anonymity, we guarantee you personal service. When you opt for Lufthansa City Center Business Travel, you benefit from a completely individual service. You will not find any automated processing by a call centre. IT and technology are continuously adapted to new requirements and systematically developed. Our philosophy is that each customer uses exactly the amount of technology he/she needs. We guarantee you convenient and cost-effective travelling using our powerful tools. However, technology will never replace personal contact: Our individual consulting by experienced travel experts combined with extensive know-how is a supporting pillar of our customer relationships. We are proud that our business travel expertise gets you on the right track, day after day.

Quality as strategy

The strong position of Lufthansa City Center in the business travel segment is based on our consistent quality strategy, which we have been pursuing since the first day - more than 25 years ago. Product and service quality are decisive. You can rely on highly qualified and motivated employees. From trainees to top management. Our employees improve their professional and management skills in specialised seminars and trainings.

Innovating processes

We are continuously investing in innovative products to streamline the business travel processes of our customers - always on the cutting edge. Around 50,000 companies worldwide are our customers. Their individual requirements characterise our work at Lufthansa City Center Business Travel. We are pace-markers in the business travel industry and constantly searching new ways to satisfy our customers.

Security is top priority

Security is more and more important when planning your travels. This goes from security of personal data to protecting the travellers themselves. When organising business travels to destinations all over the globe, we need to know the risks a traveller might be exposed to. And this information always needs to be up-to-date. Lufthansa City Center Business Travel is a reliable partner who always bears the risks in mind and consults and supports you professionally. We do not let you alone. Whatever you require - travel risk management or medical assistance - we cooperate with renowned companies.